Eden Biodome


"Create Your Own Geodesic Dome Green House
And Have Your Own ‘Organic Food Factory’

Even In The Dead of Winter!"


It’s Easy To Create a Massive Geodesic Dome
That Produces Food For You And Your Family Non-Stop.
You Don’t Need Any Special Skills, It’s Cheap, And
You’ll Learn Exactly How To Do It, Step-by-Step…



Dear Organic Gardening Friends,

If you’re like me and are completely fed up with agribusiness destroying our ecosystem with herbicides and pesticides and companies like Monsanto creating frankenfood you need to take a look at this system.

Even without agribusiness and Monsanto our food supply is in serious jeopardy because the aquifers in the biggest farming regions in the country are running dry. 

I’ve looked at all types of systems over the years, and this one is the most practical that I’ve ever seen because it allows you to grow your own nutrient rich, poison free food year round.  With you’re own growing dome you won’t have to be dependent on the health food store ever again.. and you won’t have to worry about what is happening with agribusiness or Monsanto.  Everything you eat will be nutritious and delicious.


Here’s just a little of what this incredible book gives you:

How to easily construct your bio-dome, step-by-step with detailed explanations, pictures, and videos that demonstrate the most important steps.
Follow the "magic" 3 step system to build your dome fast and very accurately. Without this system you could spend weeks building your dome and make many mistakes!

You’ll discover an incredible material to cover your dome with that will turn your dome into a tropical paradise. This material is currently being used in parts of Canada and the U.S. where it is -30C (-22F) outside, and the farmers are picking strawberries in their t-shirts. This material is also cheaper than glass, acrylic or any other type of transparent plastic!

The 3 critical systems necessary to keep your dome thriving and maintain the temperature inside your dome.
How to disperse the light that comes into your dome, so that your plants are getting light from all possible directions. 
Designing your dome literally takes seconds, I’ll show you how to use special dome calculators to design your dome in seconds, all the plans are pre-made for you immediately.
A list of all the materials and tools you’ll need. Building the dome is so simple, this is the best part, it’s so easy!
How to build your dome extremely cheap and extremely beautiful at the same time by using simple wooden 2x4s. Most dome suppliers make domes out of steel, which is really expensive, heavy and ugly. You can literally build your dome for less than $200!
And much more!


This ebook is absolutely outstanding and will save you THOUSANDS IN food costs in the coming years.  Not to mention that your food will be organic and nutritious because you’re the one growing it! 

And.. it comes with a no questions asked FULL 60 day guarantee.



PS. Remember that by building your own bio-dome you’re not just building a green-house, your investing in freedom, and a life-style of incredible food and peace of mind. Where else are you going to find a guide that shows you how to build a geodesic green-house biodome? Click Here To Get Your Copy Today!

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